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EU Commission approves €373 million for Cyprus strategic agriculture plan

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The EU Commission on Friday approved the strategic plans of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) for Cyprus and Italy, worth €373 million and €26.61 billion respectively.  Of the total EU budget for these two countries, €7.4 billion will go to environmental and climate goals and green programmes, while almost €680 million will go to young farmers.

The aim of the Cypriot strategic plan is to maintain the resilience and competitiveness of the agricultural sector. About €155 million is earmarked to supplement farmers’ incomes. Particular support with be given to the goat and sheep farming sector, to boost PDO halloumi production, Cyprus’ main export product.

Water management and soil conservation have been identified as the main environmental challenges to be addressed through CAP in Cyprus. The rural development funds will also support local businesses, which, among other benefits, is expected to create over 900 jobs.


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