Unions on Friday accused state health services organisation (Okypy) of delaying talks to reach collective agreements with staff working at state hospitals.

In a statement from all the labour unions: Sek, Peo, Pasydy, Deok, Pasyki, and Pasyno, said that at a meeting they had they agreed that due to the organisation’s stance on the issue they are driving workers into looking to take strong measures.

As they said in their statement: “At the last meeting held at the offices of Okypy on November 3, 2022, despite the unacceptable positions presented by the organisation, it was agreed to continue the dialogue and the management of Okypy committed to convene a new meeting within November. Once again Okypy is failing to keep its commitments and, it seems, will not keep its commitment to conclude the discussion on the collective labour agreements by the end of December 2022.”

Okypy is still procrastinating the unions said, pointing out that they agreed the process for the discussions on the collective agreements in July2022.

“The stance taken by Okypy to date inevitably leads workers in public hospitals to take dynamic measures to assert their demands,” the unions warn, stating that they expect a meeting to take place immediately, as well as other meetings in December to conclude of the procedure.

They called on Okypy to respect the timeframe the organisation itself had recommended to conclude the discussions on collective agreements.