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Athienou backs Paphos bishop

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Paphos bishop Georgios

Athienou municipality is backing Paphos bishop Georgios in the archbishopric elections set to take place this month.

An announcement by the municipality on Monday said Georgios has been active in the church of Cyprus for years and carried out important religious, social, and charitable work in his capacity.

Describing him as “a child of Athienou”, the municipality noted he would be a good, fair and effective leader of the church.

Although the municipality respects all archbishop hopefuls, the municipality believes Georgios taking the throne would have a positive ripple effect for Athienou, by reinforcing the already existing relationship with the church.

It called residents to vote for Georgios in the elections set to take place on December 18.

Meanwhile Tamasos bishop Isaias in an event in Famagusta, said if he is elected archbishop, groups which were not treated well in the past would now be supported. Members of the public were free to ask him questions.

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