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BrainRocket’s NeighBROhood drive refreshes local park

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On December 3, Limassol-based IT company BrainRocket partnered with the mayor of Mesa Geitonia to collaborate on a project called NeighBROhood. The initiative saw BrainRocket staff undertake a renovation project at a small park a short distance away from their office, putting their environmental values into practice, while making a positive impact on the park, not only for their enjoyment, but that of the whole community.

Over 30 BrainRocket employees and their families helped clean up the park, replacing broken benches, painting columns and benches in the company’s signature colours, removing traces of vandalism from several surfaces, and beginning the renovation of the fountain that will also feature BrainRocket’s signature hues. After completing the job, staff members and their children were then treated to music and tasty snacks, which served to enliven the newly-renovated space and drum up interest in the park.

In participating in the project, BrainRocket staff and their families went above and beyond social and eco expectations by contributing to a vital cause. In the process, all volunteers had a blast, with the kids particularly enjoying the painting, ensuring the space will continue to be enjoyed by the entire community.

Together with the Mayor, the company’s employees thereafter installed a BRO sign to represent the collaboration between BrainRocket and the Mesa Geitonia mayor. The sign also acts as a public reminder for everyone to keep the park clean.

“For BrainRocket, this project has been an absolute joy to work on, as it has given the company the chance truly to make a difference, bringing about the change that we would like to see in our community: cleaner and greener parks for everyone to enjoy,” noted BrainRocket Wellbeing & CSR Manager Marina Vasileiou.

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