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Proposal sees public sector buildings reduce energy consumption

Υπουργός Ενέργειας – Δηλώσεις μετ
File photo: Energy Minister Natasa Pilides

The cabinet approved an energy ministry proposal on Wednesday, geared at establishing energy efficient practices in public sector buildings.

According to the proposal by minister Natasa Pilides, all buildings used by public sector offices will have to follow this code, which they will be informed on yearly.

The proposal is made of up seventeen recommendations that will be put in place in the buildings.

According to the proposal, all public sector buildings must have their thermostats set to 21 degrees C, with the allowance of a 2-degree deviation for buildings without central heating.

For air conditioning the temperature will have to be set to 26 degrees C.

All heating and cooling systems will have to be turned off when there are no workers in the buildings.

Also, the proposal suggests that all electronic equipment be kept off, when there are no workers in the buildings. This goes for equipment that has a standby mode as well.

Lights will also need to be switched off outside working hours, unless there is a safety concern.

All yearly energy costs will need to be recorded, according to the proposal, and those records will then be evaluated by the energy ministry.

Staff in buildings with kitchens will have to ensure that all appliances are turned off, while if there is a refrigerator the temperature will need to be set between seven degrees C and -18 degrees C.

The energy minister also suggested in her proposals approved in cabinet that split-unit air conditioning also be turned off during non-working hours, given that the manufacturer recommends it be done.

Upgrading the existing lighting systems using energy-efficient bulbs and automation devices for controlling their extinguishing and/or dimming.

Lighting to all national parks, monuments, schools, and public buildings should also be turned off after 1am granted it does not pose a safety issue.

Re-evaluation of hours and arrangement of external lighting of public buildings and replaced if required either with CCTV systems or with electronic security systems.

All electrical equipment used at these buildings will have to be evaluated regularly.

Doors leading outside will have to be kept always closed, especially if their a heating or cooling systems working at the time.

Information leaflets and flyers will be sent out to all staff on the new measures to be taken for energy efficiency.

The minister proposed that during installation of new systems, the most efficient systems are chosen.

Cars used by public servants should be energy efficient as well, and during trips civil servants should use the most efficient vehicle for the distance they are set to travel.

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