“Music, warmth and good company are all you need to enjoy a chilled Nicosia night,” says the Home for Cooperation, “and United by Sound Winter Edition is all about that!”. They are of course talking about the return of a project that strives for peacebuilding and social change through music. A new United by Sound concert will take place this December at the Home Café with artists Cemre Arca and Nama Dama, taking audiences on a poetic, musical journey.

On Friday 16, the two musicians will take the floor of the café to perform their music. Greek-Cypriot Nama Dama, whose off-stage name is Anastasia Demetriadou, will present her work through a unique blend of literature, poetry, acting and music. Active as a solo act since 2019, Nama Dama’s songs are usually poems and short narrations, accompanied by live looping, woodwinds, keys, live percussion and vocals. Her major focus today is her new performance called Sapiens.

Cemre Arca is a Turkish-Cypriot musician who will sing and play some of her original music on the evening. The stories in her songs aim to take listeners on a journey around the hearts and minds of the unique characters she creates, playing sweet but moody melodies.

United by Sound Winter Edition

Cemre Arca and Nama Dama perform live. December 16. Home for Cooperation, Nicosia. 8.30pm. €4. No reservations required