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Cyprus locals can enjoy the wonders of the universe as planetarium slated to open in mid-2023

The planetarium will have a digital showroom as well as several conference and lecture rooms. Photo:,

The Cyprus Planetarium in Tamasos is expected to open its doors to the Cypriot public, school students and tourists in the middle of the new year.

According to information released on Friday, the planetarium will be one of the largest and most modern in Europe.

“Cyprus should be proud not only of the multiple benefits it will have in astrotourism, but also of the fact that the scientific centre will offer the possibility to each of our compatriots to visit it and use its premises as well as make additional inquiries and observations if they want to,” said astrophysicist Chrysanthos Fakas.

He added that the Tamasos Planetarium with its state-of-the-art equipment, as well as its twenty-metre dome, combined with the telescopes that will surround it, make it one of the greatest planetariums not only in Europe but also in the whole world.

The planetarium is located next to the Metropolis of Tamasos and Orinis and will appeal to all ages and all educational levels.

Speaking at the conference, the Bishop of Tamasos and Orinis Isaias, said that the Planetarium gives everyone the opportunity to be introduced to the mysteries of the universe. The scientific achievements, Metropolitan Tamasos said, “are nothing but the decoding of the wisdom of God who, as Creator, made this wonderful world that planetariums and observatories bring to us”.

The conference-presentation was undertaken and carried out by the Interstellar Institute, which is also the educational and scientific advisor of the Cyprus Planetarium. The project was presented with a projection of its main features by the CEO of Interstellar Achilleas Kentonis, who described all the innovative opportunities presented to the educational and scientific community of Cyprus.

He also spoke about the new jobs that will be created, about cooperation with all the universities of Cyprus, secondary and primary education, as well as about the entertainment role of the planetarium.

The Cyprus Planetarium has approximately 180 seats with ten state-of-the-art projectors, which guarantee a multi-thematic entertainment and scientific spectacle, the announcement concluded.

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