Deputy director of state broadcaster CyBC, Savvas Aristodemou has been suspended, after allegations of workplace bullying surfaced on Monday.

According to daily Politis, he has been suspended by the board of directors for one month, after a petition of 33 signatures from colleagues was filed along with a complaint.

The complaint was filed following a post on social media Aristodemou made where he questioned the credibility of his colleagues.

The decision to suspend Aristodemou is intended to ensure the integrity of the disciplinary proceedings initiated against him and to avoid any influencing of those employees, who complained of workplace bullying.

According to Politis, the CyBC workers’ union, EYRIK, will meet on the matter to decide if he should be kicked out of the union.

Aristodemou was the head of the union previously, while other investigations for regulatory issues against him were ongoing.

He was never issued a fine, due to the fact that a new board was appointed, which decided that they were unable to fine him for regulatory offences.