Police have arrested a 41-year-old man in Limassol wanted for six break-ins and burglaries, authorities said on Friday.

According to police, an arrest warrant had been issued for the man and a photo of him released, which were grabbed by CCTV footage from two of the six break-ins he is suspected of committing.

Police said that an on-duty officer identified the 41-year-old around 3pm on Thursday, while the suspect was at a restaurant in Yermasoyia.

The break-ins and burglaries occurred between November 24 and December 9.

Police said that the suspect managed to break-in and steal items from five apartments, while in his sixth attempt he was not able to get into the flat.

After the officer recognised the man, police arrived at the scene to search him, and found him carrying an open switchblade, money, and a pair of wireless earphones that police believe were stolen.

Police arrested him after getting a warrant.