Electricity authority (EAC) unions are hoping to meet with Labour Minister Kyriacos Koushos within the week, to resolve the ongoing demands of the workers, who are threatening measures if a solution is not found.

Koushos said he expected the meeting to take place at the end of this week or the beginning of next.

“From our side, we made it clear to the minister that it would be the right thing to do to have the meetings this week, so we can see where we’re headed,” Epopai union leader Kyriacos Tafounas told the Cyprus News Agency.

Tafounas said union reps had spoken to Koushos on Wednesday, where he asked for more time to prepare.

Nonetheless, Tafounas reiterated there shouldn’t be a need for more time as the issues are well known. These concern hiring another 370 workers, the future of the Dhekelia station and the development of renewable energy sources.

The union rep added they had information that the 10-year plan from the EAC that has gone to the regulatory authority (Cera) through the energy minister, outlines two conditions “that don’t leave a window of opportunity for the EAC to be active in, in the near future”.

“I will not exclude the possibility of bringing back measures if no correct decisions are taken,” Tafounas said.

Last month, the government and businesses were scrambling to figure out a plan B as they planned to carry out a strike. Programed blackouts in certain parts of the country were expected as a means to preserve energy.

Nonetheless, the strike was averted at the eleventh hour after Koushos intervened, though this was not seen favourably by other cabinet members, who said he had reportedly failed to stick to what had been agreed with other members of the cabinet.