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What does it take to get a street name?

I’m a retired British police officer and have lived here permanently for over two years.

I pay my taxes here and contributions towards Gesy despite not actually being allowed to use the system until I get permanent residence, or I reach state retirement age.

I find it incredibly frustrating that as an expat I cannot vote in national or local elections.

In contrast, Cypriot nationals are allowed to vote in all elections in the UK.

I’ve had to contain myself recently as my frustrations were boiling over with the municipality here in Paralimni.

The house that I live in was built some 12 years ago. To this day, we have not got a street name despite there being in excess of 300 houses and approximately 10 separate roads.

I’ve attended the mayor’s office in person several times, but never actually seen him.  I’ve had my numerous letters stamped by secretaries and advised that the situation will be resolved, to no avail.

Trying to get deliveries is nigh on impossible. Instead, directions are given by local landmarks, pubs or restaurants.

We finally contacted the ombudswoman who wrote to the mayor’s office several times over the preceding 12 months and has also received no reply. She is currently taking the matter further.

John Cawley, Paralimni

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