The investigation into government corruption claims made in Makarios Droushiotis’ book Mafia State will be published upon its completion, the anti-corruption authority said on Monday.

The head of the newly appointed anti-corruption authority Haris Poyiadjis said the authority will propose this week to set up a team to investigate the 281-page book written by a former adviser to President Nicos Anastasiades.

Upon its completion, the findings will be published.

“There will be public disclosure of the authority’s actions as well as the findings of the report that will be issued. Efforts will be made to ensure that the above actions are completed as soon as possible,” Poyadjis said.

As a first step, a team consisting of members and officials of the authority will identify the points the investigation will focus on, the authority’s head explained.

These will be recorded as terms of reference and given to the team of the inspection, who will conduct the investigation and issue a conclusion.

“This will facilitate the investigation which will be targeted and will focus on specific allegations of corruption,” Poyadjis noted, adding that the team that will study the book will be set up within this week.

The transparency commissioner was responding to a letter by independent presidential candidate Andreas Mavroyiannis who requested for an investigation into the claims presented in Droushiotis’ book. The president himself had also urged the anti-corruption authority to investigate the claims.

Earlier this month, Poyiadjis said that a special independent team coming from abroad and headed by a Greek expert will look into the corruption claims in Droushiotis’ book.

“The anti-corruption authority has also often been the target of accusations. By appointing an external team to investigate the allegations, we remain impartial,” he said.