Four people, a woman aged 23 and three men aged 23, 28 and 34, have been arrested in connection with a police investigation into impersonation, aiding and abetting illegal entry, illegal transit and stay in Cyprus, and conspiracy to commit a misdemeanour.

According to police, on Wednesday evening, three people, two men and a woman presented themselves at the departures area at Larnaca airport with the intention of traveling to a European country.

“During the check of their travel documents, the specific persons presented to members of the police, identity cards of the same European country but suspicions were raised that the three were are not the rightful owners of the identity cards they presented,” police said.

When interrogated, the three allegedly admitted that the identity cards they presented did not belong to them and after their real information was verified, they were arrested.

From the checks, evidence emerged against a fourth person, who had arrived at the airport by bus, together with the three suspects. The fourth suspect, a 34-year-old man, a citizen of a third country, who is legally in Cyprus, was located at the baggage weighing stattion.

During questioning, he allegedly told police that he and his sister and the other two men had intended to leave for another European country and claimed the identity cards had been procured through postal delivery”.