The Nicosia municipality on Tuesday said that the partial collapse of a wall inside a building on Arsinoe street in old Nicosia has to be addressed by the Guardian of Turkish Cypriot properties as the building is an old Turkish Cypriot property.

According to the municipality, it is likely that the issue is linked to the demolition of an adjacent building, also a Turkish Cypriot property.

“The Nicosia municipality monitors all buildings in the old town, particularly those listed as dangerous, and regularly corresponds with the guardian informing him of the dangers concerning old Turkish Cypriot properties,” the municipality said.

So far, no statements have been made by the Turkish Cypriot properties guardian.

Later on Tuesday, the Nicosia municipality also announced that, following the devastating earthquake in Turkey that claimed the lives of over 5,000 people, it started carrying out extensive checks on as many as 167 old buildings in the old part of the capital.

A total of around 30 civil engineers and architects employed by the Technical Service were tasked with the inspections.

All scheduled refurbishment works on old buildings was immediately halted and will only resume after the Technical Service’s report, which is expected in the coming days.