The weather this Sunday will be more favourable to voters as temperatures are expected to return to seasonal levels of around 15C to 16C. This will be around 5C higher than last week, the met office said.

Last Sunday began with rain and snow closed roads in some areas and rockslides that prevented access to some polling stations until they were cleared away.

But this Sunday voters are expected to have a clear path to the polls.  Michalis Mouskos, a senior meteorological officer told CNA that weather conditions would be favourable for voters, with temperatures hovering around normal levels for the season.

“Next Sunday’s weather will have nothing to do with last Sunday’s where we had quite a bit of cold with rain and wind,” he said.

“The setting will be completely different. Temperatures are slowly rising, reaching close to the average values ​​for the season, i.e. close to 15C-16C, while in previous days we had maximum temperatures of 10C to 11C”, he added. He also said no rain was expected.

Mouskos said the average temperature inland would be 15C, and 16C along the coast while in the mountains it would reach 6C, all normal for February.