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Nicosia evenly split between election rivals

Προεδρικές Εκλογές 2023 – Τελετή ανα

The election on Sunday showed that in Nicosia the split was almost 50-50 between who should become the next president, with president-elect Nikos Christodoulides winning by a slight margin.

Christodoulides securing a mere 50.58 per cent of the vote in the capital, while his opponent Andreas Mavroyiannis came in at 49.42 per cent.

On a Cyprus-wide level, Christodoulides won by a margin of just 3.94 per cent.

Christodoulides was also the winner in all other districts except Larnaca and among Cypriots abroad.

In Larnaca, Mavroyiannis won 53.47 per cent of the vote, with Christodoulides at 46.53 per cent, and among voters abroad Mavroyiannis received 55.04 per cent of the vote, with Christodoulides over ten per cent less at 44.96 per cent.

Paphos, which is Christodoulides’ home district, was highly in favour of the president-elect, as he took 65.97 per cent of the vote, while Mavroyiannis took only 34.03 per cent.

In Famagusta, Christodoulides was the clear favourite taking almost ten per cent more of the vote than Mavroyiannis, with the vote split 54.94-45.06.

Limassol’s votes went to Christodoulides, who received 52.23 per cent of the vote, while Mavroyiannis took 47.77 per cent.

Christodoulides will be officially sworn in on March 1, 2023, when he will take up his official role as president.


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