Everything said on the campaign trail will be put into practice, as it constitutes a “contract with the Cypriot people,” president-elect Nikos Christodoulides said on Tuesday.

He was addressing supporters at his election offices in Larnaca, in an event held to thank those who worked and volunteered on his campaign.

Christodoulides said he was “optimistic that we can reach the formation of a government of broad social acceptance,” adding that decisions on officials will come at the beginning of March.

“The dialogue we have kept up all this time will continue during our administration, because this dialogue alone has something to offer to us and to society,” he said.

Asked whether the list of potential names for his new cabinet will include anyone from Larnaca, he said “there will be a presence from all districts of Cyprus, based on one basic criterion; the ability to serve and work towards the implementation of our plans.

“From March 1, we will be judged daily, and we want to be judged daily by the Cypriot people,” he added, stressing that he will be president for all Cypriots, with as much respect for those who voted for him as for those who did not.

“I want to promise you that everything we mentioned during the election campaign, we will implement,” he added. “It is our contract with the Cypriot people”.

The president elect went on to thank his staff and his supporters, saying that they helped him form a better picture of the issues and difficulties faced by the public and the expectations for the governance of the country, which will define how the new government proceeds from March onwards.

“I also want to send a message to all political parties,” he said. “Today I had meetings with several party leaders [Diko, Edek, Dipa and Solidarity] and tomorrow I will meet with Disy leader Averof Neofytou, and Akel leader Stephanos Stephanou.

“I will continue these meetings until February 28, the day I will present myself to the House of Representatives, to put into practice what I really believe will help us to better respond to your own expectations – the formation of a government of broad social acceptance”.

By joining forces, he said, “we can clearly respond better to all that we have to give to Cypriot society,” he finally said, “to face all these challenges which have neither party character nor ideological origin”.