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Archbishop Georgios visits Patriarch Bartholomew

Archbishop Georgios I
Archbishop Georgios I

Archbishop Georgios I on Friday visited the Greek Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople on Friday.

Speaking after their meeting, Bartholomew said that the election of Georgios as the prelate of the autocephalous church of Cyprus indicated that the two churches would continue moving forward together.

The Patriarch also expressed his sympathies over the earthquakes in Turkey and for the victims of the train collision in Greece.

“All this overshadowed our joy and intensified our prayers for the victims of these calamities,” he said.

Referring to the former Archbishop Chrysostomos II, the Patriarch said that “it was my spiritual need and desire to come to his funeral. And on the occasion of the funeral, I was entitled to visit the sister Church of Cyprus for the first time, even for a few hours”.

On his part, Archbishop Georgios said: “No matter how many times we pass the gate of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, the spiritual centre of Orthodoxy, we feel a national and religious emotion. It is my first visit in this capacity and my emotion is profound.”

The archbishop also said that “we were moved by your short visit to Cyprus.”

About his predecessor, Archbishop Georgios said that “he did not hide his love for the Ecumenical Patriarchate, and he transmitted it to us as well.”

He also noted: “We come here today to show the honour we owe to you and to the Ecumenical Patriarchate.”

Archbishop Georgios mentioned that a fundraiser was also held in Cyprus for the earthquake in Turkey, part of which he brought to the patriarchate.

“The Church of Cyprus will always be by your side,” Archbishop Georgios said.

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