Officially announced – Israel-based digital marketing firm Buzz Dealer is expanding and opening offices in the Limassol area.

While the new office has been active since the beginning of January, it has only been announced publicly this week. According to Uri Samet, the CEO of Buzz Dealer (who will personally be relocating to Cyprus and working from the Limassol office), it will be fully functional by the beginning of March. As part of the process, Buzz Dealer is also drafting local employees, especially in the customer service, support and success sectors – to work alongside some staff members who will relocate from Tel Aviv to Limassol.

picture2“We understand the importance of Cyprus as a hub for our activity, and as an opportunity to grow and flourish as a company,” stated Samet. “Many of our clients today are headquartered here, and this is also a move to strengthen our ties with them and our commitment to serving them in the most optimal manner.”

Pioneers in digital marketing techniques

Buzz Dealer was founded in Israel and holds other offices in Europe. It is considered one of the first digital marketing firms to offer online reputation management (ORM) services, alongside more traditional forms of digital marketing, such as search engine optimization (SEO), app store optimization (ASO), search engine marketing (SEM) and social media marketing (SMM).

Online reputation management is a relatively new field in digital marketing, combining techniques of SEO and PR. In recent years, the dominance of the internet as a sole source of information for many raises the importance of proper ORM, and this field is growing and developing along with the constant innovation in the digital world. In its essence, ORM combines procedures from different sectors in the digital marketing sphere, in order to ensure an optimal online presence for people or organizations online.picture4

Among the sectors that Buzz Dealer works with are the fintech, tourism, medical, sports, entertainment, and aesthetics sectors. The new office is located in the Agios Tychon area in the Limassol district, and will be open Monday to Friday on full business hours.