The labour union Peo said on Friday that they will react with lightning fast speed if the state health services organisation (Okypy) continues to ignore the problems being faced by hourly-wage earning employees at state hospitals.

“After all the efforts and initiatives, we have taken are constantly falling into the void, Okypy is continuing to refuse to come to a dialogue regarding the resolution of outstanding issues and also the very serious issue of staffing by hourly-wage earners in all state hospitals,” the union said.

In their announcement, the union said that they have made repeated calls to dialogue with the organisation, to solve issues of hourly-wage earners, who they claim are being treated as “second-class” workers.

“Hourly-wage workers have shown enviable responsibility and diligence since the establishment of the state health services organisation, they have supported the organisation with all their strength like few others, they have worked tirelessly and continue to work hard in critical and unprecedented conditions, they have set aside and put aside labour problems that they were facing since their primary concern was to support Okypy to manage the coronavirus pandemic in the best way,” they said.

The union said that Okypy has failed to meet their demand to discuss labour issues with the hourly wage earning employees, and that if this continues they will take lightning fast measures.