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Cyprus Airways issues apology over complaint filed by passenger

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Cyprus Airways on Thursday issued an apology for an incident involving a passenger with reduced mobility that took place on March 2.

In the past days Rafaella Miltiades, the passenger in question, filed an official complaint to the airline, claiming that a supervisor at the airport did not allow her to board the Cyprus Airways flight because she was travelling without an escort.

Miltiades said that she was not given the opportunity to mention that she has mobility problems on the airline website when booking her flight.

In her complaint, she specified that, in order to be able to board the flight, she needs a specially adapted wheelchair that would carry her to her seat through the aircraft’s door.

“I am a perfectly functional person,” she said. “I don’t need an escort and certainly I cannot be told I need one just an hour before my flight is scheduled to take off.

“The unprecedented discrimination I witnessed violated every right I have to equal treatment, inclusiveness and freedom,” she said, adding that “such regulations should have no place in our country in 2023 and should not be a barrier to the lives of any person with reduced mobility.”

On Thursday, Cyprus Airways expressed its “sincere apologies for the incident.”

“It is disappointing to see that IATA regulations are not always suitable to all our passengers. We always try to find solutions when situations such as this one arise,” the airline said.

Cyprus Airways added that it is committed to transporting all passengers to their destination and to comply with local, European, and global IATA regulations.

Miltiades was eventually allowed to board the flight and reach her destination.

“We hope that all our passengers understand that their collective safety comes first,” the statement continued.

“That said, we will review and conduct additional risk assessments to ensure that all passengers are safe and served with the utmost care.”

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