Ever wondered what happens to all those people who take part in TV dating shows but don’t win? Now Netflix has the answer – Perfect Match. Some of the aforementioned unfortunates now find themselves in a stunning house in Panama renewing their quest for love and hoping to find, you guessed it, their perfect match.

Familiar faces from Love Is Blind, Twentysomething, Too Hot To Handle and even some shows not related to romance have returned to give reality TV a second chance at finding a partner for life. There are, of course, several twists.

In this house men and women do not sleep in single-sex dorm-type rooms, but must find a ‘match’ and spend the night with them. But it is not all lolling round the pool – there are actual challenges in this show although again an inordinate amount of time is spent quaffing drinks in the garden and bitching about other contestants. That done, it is time for the morning Compatibility Challenge, which crowns one couple the most loved up through different carefully selected criteria each time.

They also get to mix things up in the house by bringing in two new people, meaning two will go home at the end of the night when they have failed to find a match. And so it goes on.

As usual, all contestants are quite stunning and in the right age group, although Netflix has tried to play the diversity card by introducing – for the first time ever – a same sex couple, although predictably it gets a bit more complicated than that.

Cue the couple who actually have a history and match up on the first date and make it all the way through to the end, the ones who seen happy until an ex shows up, those playing strategy and rescuing a guy from going home because he seems like a nice guy and in the end the surprise victors. And even though we have seen the contestants do very little apart from sitting on the couch, the deck and even a bit of skinny dipping although very little food seems to be eaten the show is enchanting and viewers, despite their better judgement, end up caring about those taking part. Switch your brain off and be entertained. And once you’ve done that you can Google them to see what happened after the show ended.