Scammers tricked a 79-year-old mother into paying €9,000 for an operation she was told her daughter desperately needed.

The lady in Nicosia received a phone call at the home line and a woman pretending to be her daughter began crying and asking for help. Immediately afterwards, a man pretending to be a doctor spoke to the mother and claimed that her daughter was at hospital and required surgery on her leg.

The fake doctor then asked the mother for €9,000, directing her to a bank to draw out cash.

The mother was then asked to provide her mobile phone number so the scammer could remain on the line and guide her throughout the process of withdrawing the cash.

Following the man’s instructions, the 79-year-old then went to a churchyard near the bank branch and left the cash in a bin.

Upon returning home the mother saw her daughter and realised that she had been scammed.

Nicosia police said that they are investigating the case.

The unit reminded the public to be extremely cautious with such types of calls or requests and contact a local police station or inform the authorities by calling 1460.