The north has been steadily increasing its demand for electricity from the Republic over the past three years, as the power needs of the north are not being met by its authority or the private company operating there, reports said on Wednesday.

According to a report in Halkin Sesi, the demand in electricity from the Republic of Cyprus has almost doubled over the last three years, as the local provider Kib-tek and the private company Aksa are unable to meet demand.

The newspaper reports that for the period July-August 2022, when the fuel had run out, they procured 15,000 MWh and paid €7 million (€0.40 per kwh), while if they had produced it with the same means it would have cost €4 million. The difference of €3 million corresponded to approximately 60 million Turkish Lira.

In 2020, the north had received 11.926 MWh from the state-controlled areas, while in 2022 it almost doubled to 50,200 MWh.

According to the PIO, Kib-tek is losing production capacity as demand continues to rise in the north, and the power supplied by the private company Aksa is not enough.