Turkey has requested the north send back a building contractor from Antakya, Turkey who fled following the eathquakes last month, reports said on Wednesday.

According to reports in Diyalog, Turkey has called on the ‘TRNC’ to send them back Hikmet Gunsay, who is wanted on several charges in the city of Antakya.

He is believed to have fled to the north, following the earthquakes that hit the area of southeastern Turkey last month.

The PIO said that ‘interior minister’ Ziya Ozturkler confirmed the ‘extradition’ request for Gunsay from Ankara.

However, Ozturkler said that Gunsay is not in the north, and that following communication with the police, the businessman was not found to have entered the north recently.

The last time he came to the north, Ozturkler said, was in 2019.