A dramatic armed robbery on Monday appeared to have been staged, leading to the arrest of two men aged 55.

The incident unfolded at around noon where three armed robbers stole a bag with €30,000 while it was being transported by a hotel worker from the business to a bank.

It later transpired that the robbery had in fact been staged, where the 55-year-old hotel worker admitted that he had set up the scheme with another man, also aged 55. They were both arrested and officers are trying to trace the origins of the €30,000.

When the incident first took place a Limassol police spokesman said that while a member of staff from the hotel was driving along the Limassol-Nicosia road, by Pareklisia, the car was cut off and stopped by a rental car which stopped in front of it, and another behind.

A suspect from the front car got out, broke the car window with a pistol and demanded the money, which was then handed over, with the suspects then fleeing the scene. They wore surgical masks.

Reports showed a car with a broken window, while they also stated that the suspects spoke in basic Greek.

Limassol police said they were particularly concerned as to how the perpetrators knew the exact timing and route of the cash deposit operation.