Police in Paphos on Tuesday arrested a 35-year-old man for importation of illegal drugs with intent to supply, money laundering, and illegal firearm possession.

Police took the suspect into custody following a tip-off from a courier company where suspicions were raised about a package arriving from abroad, containing approximately 315 g of a powdered substance.

The package was delivered at noon to the 35-year-old’s address where members of the drugs squad checked the package as soon as it was handed over, while the suspect attempted to flee on foot, after shoving a police officer. Police immobilised the man at the scene and arrested him for evident offences.

Police conducted a sweep of the complex where the 35-year-old resides, turning up 80g of cannabis and a shotgun whose registered owner is well-known to the suspect, as well as €2,630 in cash the origin of which is under investigation.

Inside the suspect’s residence, police found a precision scale with traces of cannabis, a half-smoked hand-rolled cannabis cigarette, and a military-issued cartridge.

Police further discovered a package containing 100g of a white powder, suspected to be a narcotic, in the building’s postal delivery area.

The case is under ongoing investigation.