It’s been a bumpy ride over the last couple of days along bicycle and pedestrian paths, this time with two pickup trucks spotted cruising along the designated areas in Strovolos.

The two beefy pickup trucks were recorded driving down the pedestrian-cycle path near the GSP stadium at about 4pm on Wednesday.

The clip was sent into Alpha by a member of the public after a similar incident emerged – with a taxi in Polis inching towards a pedestrian walking along the path.

The police soon confirmed that the taxi driver was identified through the vehicle’s license plates and was called into the station, receiving an out of court fine.

The latest footage of the two pickup trucks, however, does not clearly show the license plates.

A recent decision by the government which sanctions cyclists without helmets stirred controversy, with many arguing that the cyclists are being blamed for bad driving.

But the latest clips appear to show that perhaps the government was onto something: You can never be too safe, even on a cycle path.