Parents and teachers said on Saturday they are “satisfied” with this year’s changes on the twice-yearly exams.

Following the education ministry’s announcement on the measures for the evaluation of students this school year, secondary teachers’ union Oelmek told radio Trito that they are satisfied, but reiterated their position that the newly introduced twice-yearly exams should be abolished.

The implementation of the twice-yearly examination in state schools created a great deal of damage, which cannot be resolved by amending the current evaluation system, Oelmek head Constantinos Constantinopoulos said.

He noted that there is enough time for the formation of an appropriate examination system that will be implemented as of next year.

The exams in the middle of the school year should be abolished and instead students should undertake one final exam at the end of the year, he added.

For his part, the chairman of the confederation of parents’ associations, Loizos Constantinou, commenting on the issue said the education ministry can manage difficult situations as to bring more appropriate results.

The results of the first semester exams were disappointing, he reiterated, noting that the new changes will somewhat help address that.

According to an official announcement, at the end of May, the education ministry is expected to present a bill for the abolition of the twice-yearly exams as of the new school year.

As for this year, it was decided that high school exams will include only 60 per cent of the teaching material, while the exams carried out in the second semester will account for 20 per cent in student’s final marks instead of 40 per cent.