Easter traditions were marked in Lemba on Sunday where children recreated the Resurrection of Lazarus.

The re-enactment, which took place after the end of the church service in the courtyard of the church of Ayios Stefanos church has become an institution, said community leader Thucydides Chrysostomou said.

The children of the community, he added, sang the song of Lazarus, reviving one of the oldest customs of ecclesiastical and folk tradition. He said the aim of the local council is to revive traditions, with the re-enactment taking place for the last 12 years.

According to custom, the girls of the community gather wild flowers from the fields with which they then cover Lazarus’ body with yellow blooms and palm branches, while a child takes on the role of the resurrection of Lazarus.

Meanwhile in Prodromi a re-enactment of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem has become an institution on Palm Sunday, undertaken by the Association of Expatriates and Friends of Prodromi.