Kition Ocean Holding on Wednesday welcomed the move by boat owners to stop protests at Larnaca port, saying it would pause the planned increase of berthing fees for three months.

As a gesture of “good will” the company is moving immediately to create a corridor close to the wooden dock, which passengers and boat owners can use to access the pleasure boats safely, throughout the construction period.

“We express the intuition to continue a constructive dialogue with all parties involved so we can resolve any potential issues.”

Kition Ocean Holding, which has been awarded the redevelopment contract for Larnaca port and marina since 2020, said the measures are no different than what was discussed during the last meeting with the boat owners and were repeated again on Tuesday, when the transport minister was trying to mediate between both sides.

The company added is it has created a space at the Larnaca marina entrance where advertising posters for the boats can be placed. It has also discussed with the city’s mayor to arrange for boat owners to have kiosks on Athenon avenue so they can better advertise and attract customers.

Construction works underway have currently made the dock dangerous, which is why the upgrade is carried out in sections, Kition Ocean Holding added.

It also thanked the transport minister and general secretary as well as the city’s mayor for their help in finding a solution during the protest.