A hotline has been launched by the Consumer Protection Service for people to report businesses failing to abide by reduced VAT on certain goods, an announcement from the trade ministry said on Friday.

According to the announcement, the hotline at 1429 will be taking consumer complaints on the matter of VAT reductions on certain products, which went into effect on Friday.

The products are milk, bread, eggs, child and adult nappies, baby food, and women’s hygiene products.

The announcement said that the measure for the VAT will remain in effect until October 31, 2023.

The Consumer Protection Service stated that it will carry out systematic checks for the faithful implementation of the relevant decree throughout its period of validity, and urged consumers to become part of the market control system and to be constantly vigilant so that if they find that the price of any of these products have not been differentiated accordingly, to immediately inform the Service on telephone 1429 to investigate the matter.

Commenting on the measure, Government Spokesman Konstantinos Letymbiotis said: “With planning, responsibility, social sensitivity and with specific measures, we put society at the centre and we will continue for as long as necessary to take measures aimed at relieving the Cypriot household and strengthening disposable income.

“Our commitment to supporting society and especially our vulnerable fellow citizens is a given and in this direction we will continue to work on useful and meaningful measures.”