An end to the $1.3 billion deal between Binance and Voyager might have squeezed the happiness out of crypto enthusiasts. Although they still have reason to be optimistic predictions about the price of DigiToads and Cardano, which will serve as excellent compensation.

Every single investor in the crypto space fears only one thing, a crypto crash similar to the one that occurred in 2018, followed by another in 2021. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that its impact can be seen even today in the prevailing bearish market conditions. The idea that they might end in red makes investors reluctant to put money into these digital assets. However, even in such market conditions, DigiToads and Cardano are among 2 of the best crypto with great forecasts of exploding.


DigiToads (TOADS) is a newly birthed meme cryptocurrency infused with stake-to-earn and play-to-earn features. The token has excellent utility in The Swamp, a futuristic metaverse well-suited to user needs. DigiToads has broken all previous presale records. This success is owed to the numerous opportunities that the firm has created.

The mascot meme contest is the most basic example of an opportunity where the active participation of community members is encouraged. Each user in this competition will produce a design for the mascot. The best of the submitted work will not only be chosen as the official mascot, but the creator will receive enticing rewards.

Toad Vs. Toad is another exciting contest that the firm will host. Winners of these monthly trading competitions will each have access to 1/12th of the treasury. These individuals will execute the trade on the firm’s behalf using funds from the treasury. A 10% incentive is offered to these traders on each transaction to ensure they make wise trades; thus, the treasury is always brimming.

A noteworthy feature of DigiToads is its gaming ecosystem. The firm has deployed a play-to-earn game where each user is given a primary DigiToads character which can be fed and trained to level up. All the stuff needed for the training can be purchased from the Metaverse store using TOADS. 50% of the profit amassed through the sale of goods will be distributed amongst the top 25% of the best players. To ensure that every community member is included in the benefits, the firm will disburse another 10% of the profit among all holders of TOADS.

Those looking to secure great returns on this credible crypto can purchase TOADS for a minimal price via the presale. The Lilypad 5 stage offers the token for just $0.024. Interested individuals should also know that there is no vesting period for the token and that the presale has been audited thoroughly by Coinsult.

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Despite the prevailing negative sentiments about the crypto market, Cardano still witnesses price surges. Experts claim this is the best cryptocurrency to buy now for the long term. There are many reasons for that.

Firstly, Cardano is very similar to Ethereum in that it runs smart contracts and decentralized applications on its platform. Like Ethereum, it is expected to top out very soon. Another reason why this promising asset will outperform others is that it backs up the NFT market and metaverse. ADA, the native token of Cardano, can be used to create NFTs. Lastly, the firm has a strong development team headed by Charles Hoskinson, also a co-founder of Ethereum. Investors thus find Cardano to be a sound investment.


The renowned crypto broker, Voyager, has secured a place in the hearts of investors through its top-notch services and the massive interest it pays on crypto holdings. Binance was expected to sign a whopping deal of $1.3 billion to purchase Voyager’s assets but backed off at the last minute due to an uncertain regulatory climate.


An end to the deal between Binance and Voyager might sound disappointing, but the crypto space has been revitalized with DigiToads. This new cryptocurrency firm is all set to defy the bearish market trends to reach the top.

For more information on DigiToads, visit the website, join the presale, or join the community for regular updates.

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