A patient’s knife attack against a well-known urologist in the northern Famagusta has caused upheaval in the Turkish Cypriot community over the weekend.

The assault was reported by media in the north, that said a 32-year-old man seriously injured his doctor with a knife because he disliked the treatment he was provided. The incident took place on Saturday at a private clinic.

It is understood the health professional’s condition is not life threatening while the patient was arrested.

However, earlier this week, the same man appears to have attacked a lawyer, also with a knife.

Six organization in the health sector in the north issued a joint statement on Saturday afternoon calling for the necessary legislation to be in place, noting that “if there is violence, health services will not be provided”.

They said Saturday was a “black day” because of the incident, noting that violence has reached horrific proportions in the “north of Cyprus”. They condemned violence wherever it comes from and call on the “rulers” to act to overcome “social violence”.