A sustainable solution to the Cyprus problem is possible “if we sit at the negotiating table with our Turkish Cypriot compatriots,” government spokesman Konstantinos Letymbiotis said on the side-lines of the 38th annual International Coordinating Committee Justice for Cyprus (Pseka) conference in Washington.

Speaking to the Cyprus News Agency after the conference, Letymbiotis expressed hope that the conditions for resuming negotiations will be created following the elections in Turkey and Greece, in line with the initiatives of the Turkish Cypriot side.

While in Washington, Letymbiotis held talks with several US senators and members of Congress, informing them about the initiatives that the Cypriot government will undertake regarding the resumption of negotiations.

“There are many friends of Cyprus here,” he said. “What I have seen is a clear convergence, a further development of excellent relations between the US and Cyprus, a reliable ally in the Mediterranean, just like Greece.

Letymbiotis informed the US politician about the initiatives that the government will undertake, all focused on the resumption of negotiations from where they left off. He also underlined the important role of the EU in the process.

“The message we convey, and we want our diaspora to spread this message, is that our side is already at the negotiating table, and that we want our Turkish Cypriot compatriots to join us.

“We are confident that a sustainable solution to the Cyprus problem can be achieved,” the government spokesperson said.

Regarding the involvement of the EU, Letymbiotis emphasised that it remains a priority for the government.

“The discussions that President Nicos Christodoulides recently had with French President Emmanuel Macron are in line with his vision and will allow us to reap the benefits that will arise as an EU member state.

“The EU has the tools that can create a mutually beneficial situation,” added Letymbiotis.

When asked about the upcoming elections in Turkey and how they would affect the negotiations, the government spokesperson called them a potential milestone.

“We hope that immediately after the elections in Turkey and Greece, the conditions will be created to start the negotiations as soon as possible.

“As long as this existing situation continues, it is unacceptable. No one can accept that the status quo is the solution, so we are focusing on restarting the negotiations.”

Letymbiotis finally praised the work of the diaspora and its sincere concern for the Cyprus problem.

“The most important thing is how the diaspora has now become active and how we can utilise this to convey the messages we want to the US government,” he concluded.