Char. Pilakoutas Group presented its long-standing support for the Agia Skepi therapeutic community at a May 18 press conference, which took place at Char. Pilakoutas Heritage.

Agia Skepi is the only closed-treatment community for rehabilitation in Cyprus. Thanks to its Counselling Station, Men’s Therapeutic Community, Women’s and Adolescents’ Therapeutic Community, Family Programme, Social Reintegration Programme and Follow-Up Programme, as well as its newly-established Mother and Child Programme, Agia Skepi offers strength and hope for a better life to members of society struggling to achieve rehabilitation.

Through its ‘Value of Life’ action, the Pilakoutas Group has been a constant ally and supporter of Agia Skepi’s efforts over the years, with a significant contribution to the strengthening of its work.

May 2023 Char. Pilakouta Group event showcasing support for Agia Skepi therapeutic community. Pilakouta Group Head of Business Development Klelia Pilakouta

“As a company, we assume the social responsibility that is ours to shoulder, and part of this is to support efforts such as those of Agia Skepi,” noted Pilakoutas Group Head of Business Development Klelia Pilakoutas, in her address. She added that “the Group’s ‘Value of Life’ initiative is more relevant than ever; through it, for 18 years now, we have stood by Agia Skepi and supported its multifaceted work financially”.

Furthermore, “the Group is offering a brand new NISSAN JUKE Hybrid and, in this way, is contributing to the financial support of Agia Skepi”, continued the Pilakoutas Group Head of Business Development. “A car that encapsulates Nissan’s philosophy of technological development, economy, safety and reliability, always at the service of people and the environment.”

May 2023 Char. Pilakouta Group event showcasing support for Agia Skepi therapeutic community

In her own greeting, Tina Pavlou, Clinical Director of Agia Skepi’s Rehabilitation Community, thanked Charalambos Pilakoutas and the Pilakoutas Group for the constant and long-standing support to the therapeutic community’s efforts.

She noted that “Agia Skepi is none other than the people who support, in every possible way, the daily effort of our fellow human beings to free themselves from addictive substances, to discover the power of their soul, and to win back the pure life they long for and dream of”.

Also during the press conference, a short video was shown where young children from the Adolescent Programme and mothers from the Mother and Child Programme shared about their lives and experiences.