The police on Thursday said that they foiled an assassination plot against a Russian anti-regime journalist residing in Paphos.

Two arrests were made over the weekend and the legal services are now studying their case files, according to police spokesman Christos Andreou.

He told CyBC that the two suspects are in custody. They are expected to appear in court on Friday.

“We received some information [of the plot] and acted on that… this is a serious matter, we have received some statements and will see how it develops,” he said.

It is understood that the two suspects are Russian nationals who were apprehended after the Paphos and Limassol police departments carried out a joint operation.

Local media reported that the case involves three Russians: the intended victim – a retired journalist who has been living in Paphos for a few years, a middle-aged Russian also residing in Paphos and another Russian whom the second contacted to arrange for the killing of the pensioner.

According to the information available to the police, the intended victim and suspect had a wide range of issues between them including political and financial disputes.

No other information was immediately available, and Andreou said that the force will not comment further on the matter at present.