Cryptocurrencies have lost their upward momentum, with Bitcoin (BTC) struggling to power and find support above the $30,000 handle. Renewed selling pressure is forcing investors to search for gems likely to beat the current bear run. In comes DigiToads (TOADS), a silver lining amid the bear run that is exploding in presale, outperforming Eos (EOS) on all fronts.

DigiToads: A solid bet in a bear market

DigiToads’ impressive run amid renewed sell-off in the sector has to do with investors taking note of its credentials as a full utility meme project. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, it has set out to redefine meme coins while going beyond the hype and speculation associated with the sector.

Consequently, it offers users reliable ways of earning while investing in revolutionary blockchain innovations. Its presale has already raised over $3.5 million and is growing, as smart investors turn to it to hedge against losses in the broader sector.

DigiToads stands out on unveiling a thrilling Web 3 game that allows people to earn TOADS, the network native token. In the play-2-earn game, people only have to acquire and nurture avatar-like creatures dubbed DigiToads by purchasing training equipment and food potions.

Gamers whose DigiToads pan out to be the biggest and strongest in the Swamp arena at the end of each gaming season are to be rewarded using the TOADS tokens. DigiToads has already set aside 50% of all funds generated from the sale of in-game items to be used in the prize fund to reward the top 25% of players in the game.

As if P2E was not enough, DigiToads is also running monthly trading competitions, offering people yet another opportunity to earn some Platinum Toads. Traders with the highest trading volumes in the games will walk away with Platinum Toads that they can use to access TOADS treasury, among other benefits.

However, it is the opportunity to stake non-fungible tokens that are proving to be a hit in the DigiToads ecosystem. People can mint and sell premium TOADS and unique NFTs in the ecosystem. In return, people who stake their NFTs to enhance liquidity stand to earn some passive income, as 2% of every TOADS transaction is to be added into the staking pool as part of the rewards scheme.

TOADS is the network native token that acts as a medium of exchange and for paying all transaction fees. While still in presale, more than 200 million tokens have been sold, raising over $3.4 million. Its total supply is capped at 585 million, affirming its deflationary status, further enhanced by a token-burning mechanism that will limit supply over time.

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EOS waning popularity and use case

EOS is one of the most established cryptocurrency projects that has been around since 2017. Unfortunately, amid the bear run, it has underperformed, with its native EOS token flat for the year after losing more than 90% gains from its 2023 highs.

Unlike DigiToads, which accrues its utility from P2E gaming, NFT staking and trading, EOS was specifically designed to enhance the creation of decentralized applications and smart contracts. While it has always been a popular choice, it faces stiff competition with the proliferation of projects offering similar functionalities.

While EOS has sought to differentiate itself from other projects by being highly scalable, the emergence of layer-2 scaling solutions like Polygon (MATIC) has curtailed its popularity.

Why DigiToads

DigiToads is on the right trajectory as the focus shifts towards projects that thrive in meme humor, backed by proven utility and use case. The strong demand in presale, leading to more than $3.5 million in sales, affirms investors’ liking of its utility around P2E gaming, NFT staking and trading competitions. Consequently, the project offers an ideal risk-reward investment opportunity as it is trading at a great discount compared to EOS. Listing the token on a major exchange would mark an important milestone, with analysts projecting gains of more than 1000%.

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