Are you looking for the ideal mobile plan that best suits your needs? Do you want it all, but have trouble finding it? Don’t bother anymore! Epic has created Unlimited Online for you, the ultimate mobile plan that has it all, and all to your benefit.

Do you want unlimited GB, minutes and SMS, at the same low price forever, no contract and with no time commitment? Unlimited Online delivers it all for only €19,99/month, together with unlimited, quality and seamless communication everywhere, and the reliability and dynamics of Epic’s award-winning network.

Grab the unique offer today, exclusively online, from Epic’s website and live an epic communication experience every moment of your life, with excellent quality of service for whatever you need, at any time. All for only €19,99/month… forever!

And for those wanting even more, we offer three monthly fees for free when connecting with eSim, the digital SIM card integrated directly into the device, offering users new possibilities, greater convenience and security.

The offer is available exclusively online to new Epic mobile subscribers who either transfer their mobile number to Epic from another provider, or get a new one directly from Epic.

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