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Rugby strapping tape – A simple guide for novice players

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If you have decided to join a rugby team, then you should be prepared for an intense sport with a high potential for injuries. Rugby ranks in the top five sports with the most injuries, which is why you need to be prepared. One important type of gear to help in injury prevention and management when training and playing rugby is rugby strapping tape.

As a beginner who may not have played this sport a lot, you may not be aware of all the potential applications of the tape and even how to use it well. Now that you are here, we will take you through a simple guide on rugby strapping tape.

What is rugby strapping tape?

Should we call it elastic, adhesive, bandage, or fabric tape? Well, rugby strapping tape can be described by all these names because it comes in different materials depending on the innovation used by the manufacturer. However, it is worth noting that the tape is made of strong elastic material that will hold on tightly when wrapped around the applicable area. If you are looking for some to get started with the sport, you can pick one of these three common types.

  •       Zinc oxide tape – This is perfect rugby strapping tape for a beginner because it is thin, light, and protective. It primarily offers protection from skin damage and joint-related injuries.
  •       Elastic adhesive bandage – This is another popular rugby strapping tape option used by amateurs because it is easily available, affordable, and still protective. It is known to prevent an array of injuries including skin abrasion and joint dislocations.
  •       Kinesiology tape – This is a more advanced rugby strapping tape you can still use as a beginner in the sport. It is made of hypoallergenic materials that stretch perfectly to provide firm support for any body part.

How to buy rugby strapping tape

When purchasing rugby strapping tape, consider the quality, size, adhesive strength, and how friendly it is to the skin. Fortunately, you can get a suitable tape from a local sports shop, but the best way to order these tapes is online, where there is a wide variety. Ensure that it is within your budget, especially if you will be playing regularly.

How to use rugby strapping tape

Using rugby strapping tape correctly is crucial to maximize its benefits and ensure effective support for your body. All you need is to wrap or tape it on clean and dry skin, which you should do shortly before the game or training starts.

An anchor strip is used at the beginning, while a support strip may be used in a crisscross pattern to offer the necessary support. The ending strip should not be stretched and should overlap the final support strip. With this, you can rest assured that you will keep most of the injuries at bay while providing the necessary support you need to play efficiently.


Rugby strapping tape is valuable gear for novice players because it offers support, stability, and injury prevention during matches and training sessions. Now that you know this, it is essential that you buy the right one for your needs from a reputable shop.

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