Advertisements for massive new construction projects in the north – with a focus near Trikomo – have sparked discussion across the divide, with many stunned at the scale and pace of change.

“It’s like they’re building a new city,” a Turkish Cypriot told the Cyprus Mail.

He warned, however, that the speed at which new buildings are going up does not appear to be in line with basic infrastructure works needed to facilitate the boom.

A Greek Cypriot who recently travelled to Apostolos Andreas along the coastal route passing by Trikomo (Iskele) was also shocked.

“I hadn’t been in three years, so it was very noticeable,” she said.

Centred on Long Beach – not to be confused with the one in California – construction has boomed, with developers and construction companies promising many more resorts, estates and complexes to be ready soon.

One of the more prominent stakeholders in the development of the area appears to be the Noyanlar Group of Companies. Its site is available in Russian, German, Persian (Farsi), English and Turkish – largely in line with reports of the demographics understood to be buying up properties in the north.

Its site lists a new project named Bellagio which is to be built in Trikomo – “there are 281 flats in total in the Bellagio project. With studio and 1+1 and studio and 1+1 penthouses, you will be dreaming with the unique view of Long Beach”.

Its completed projects, however, appear much more modest.

It was reported earlier this month that a 48 per cent increase in the number of foreign tourists visiting the north was recorded during the first four months of this year compared to the same period last year.

In the first four months of 2023, some 464,000 people visited the north, the majority of whom came from Iran, Russia and Germany.

According to the PIO, the newspaper Dialog published its own data showing that in the period January to April 2023, some 13,520 Iranians, 13,042 Russians and 9,370 Germans visited.

“A significant portion of Iranians and Russians bought properties on the island and settled in the Trikomo area,” the report added.


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