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TMS Network (TMSN) leaves Solana (SOL) and Aave (AAVE) gasping as it consumes Crypto market


If you’re a crypto trader with years of experience, there’s no doubt you’re familiar with how turbulent 2023 has been so far! There have been bull runs and there have been bear runs, but disruption has been ubiquitous. Tokens such as TMS Network (TMSN) have been blowing up with 2000% gains, leaving tokens such as Solana (SOL) and Aave (AAVE) gasping. 

So, why are Solana (SOL) and Aave (AAVE) so shocked at what they see, and is it positive? Well, it’s positive for TMS Network (TMSN) but perhaps not for Solana (SOL) and Aave (AAVE) – read on to find out why! 

TMS Network (TMSN) 

TMS Network (TMSN) is an advanced investment platform designed for people like you who like to benefit from cutting-edge of tech. TMS Network (TMSN) features flexible infrastructure that facilitates the trading of FX, stocks, and derivatives within a crypto-driven space, unifying all trades into a single pipeline. TMS Network (TMSN) is also supported by MT4/MT5 integrations and operates on a 100% user-governed network

The TMS Network (TMSN) investment suite includes impressive tools such as AI trade bots, trade signals, and on-chain analytics, but that hasn’t stopped TMS Network (TMSN) from offering risk-mitigation tools and beginner resources. This means that if you’re reading this as a confused beginner, there’s stopping you from getting involved. However much experience you have, do your research but be quick – stage four of presale is ending soon! tms2

Solana (SOL) 

Solana (SOL) is a cryptocurrency token that has long since been a favorite of crypto experts due to its sustainability benefits. Solana (SOL) leverages a PoH (Proof of History) protocol, which means blockchain events are validated through financial stakes. This facilitates far more efficiency than energy-intensive PoW (Proof of Work) tokens, and Solana’s (SOL) efficiency has continued to be comparable to modern PoS (Proof of Stake) tokens. 

However, PoS tokens still present a huge problem for Solana (SOL). Solana’s (SOL) PoH protocol is quite unique and this is not positive for interoperability. It makes it more difficult for Solana (SOL) to integrate with other blockchains, and interconnectivity is essential in the modern landscape of 2023. Solana (SOL) could pull things back with careful decision-making, but for now, TMS Network (TMSN) will be overlapping the token. 

Aave (AAVE) 

Aave (AAVE) is a liquidity provision platform for crypto tokens, partnering with tokens to boost their visibility, facilitate lending and borrowing, and overall augment the token’s liquidity. Aave (AAVE) leverages stablecoins to offer stable interest rates on loans and also offers collateral token swap opportunities.  

The prospects behind Aave (AAVE) might sound enticing to pro-traders like you, but Aave’s (AAVE) offerings are not easy to get your head around. Unless they are very experienced, (AAVE) will likely go above the head of traders who lack confidence and don’t want to risk getting involved with lending and borrowing. Naturally, This has made it difficult for Aave (AAVE) to get anywhere near the success of TMS Network (TMSN).  

tms2Final Thoughts 

It doesn’t matter how innovative and complex a crypto innovation is if it’s not accessible to all – the revenue and growth are going to be limited. This is illustrated directly by Aave (AAVE), while Solana (SOL) represents today’s issue with crypto interoperability. TMS Network (TMSN) on the other hand demonstrates exactly how it should be done, appealing to the masses whilst keeping experienced investors like you satisfied

So, what are you waiting for? Put Aave Solana (SOL) and Aave (AAVE) aside for now and focus on getting your TMS Network (TMSN) stake in. Be quick about it though, because believe it or not, this token has already raised $6M, grown 2000% in token value, and reached a price of $0.093 in 2023 alone! Don’t miss out. 



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