A group representing the Ukrainian community in Cyprus on Thursday boldly urged the president and authorities on the island to crack-down and shutdown any pro-Russia support and rallies organised on the island.

In an open letter to President Nikos Christodoulides, the head of the Ukrainian-Cypriot Friendship Community, Tetyana Ioannou, expressed gratitude for Cyprus’ support, but at the same time pressed for authorities to curtail the freedom given to pro Russia supporters who organise public demonstrations in an effort to help speed up the culmination of the ongoing aggression against Ukraine.

“We are grateful to you for the fact that the Republic of Cyprus and you personally condemned Russia’s actions, supported Ukraine and provided unprecedented assistance to tens of thousands of Ukrainian citizens. Fleeing the horrors of war, they found refuge in Cyprus. We are grateful to you and to all the citizens of Cyprus for your help, support and hospitality. At the same time, we are compelled to appeal to you to take measures to end support for Russia’s criminal war against Ukraine, the signs of which we see on the territory of the Republic of Cyprus. While Russia is waging a barbaric war in the heart of Europe, killing people and committing unimaginable crimes, in Cyprus mass events are taking place in support of the war and the killing of people,” Ioannou said.

The island has witnessed a handful of pro-Russia demonstrations mainly in Limassol, where many Russians reside on the island.

Ioannou, in her letter, argued that the more such actions take place, the longer the war will last, the more people will die.

“We believe that actions in support of a state that sponsors terrorism are inappropriate in a country that is a member of the European Union. Carried out in the interests of the aggressor country and war criminal Putin, they cause irreparable damage to the reputation of Cyprus as a European state that shares European values,” she added.

The head of the group took it one step further, and suggested that criminal proceedings be taken against any individuals that decide to organise such rallies.

“We also urge you to bring to justice the organisers of public events that justify the Russian military offensive against Ukraine,” Ioannou concluded.