The new public service post of the former prison director Anna Aristotelous will be announced next week, Justice Minister Anna Procopiou said on Thursday.

Aristotelous is transferring to “an important post that she believes is right for her” the minister told AlphaNews, following four months since the former prison director has been on leave of absence.

The position will be announced next week, the minister said, clarifying that this is not in the justice ministry.

“She will do an excellent job,” Procopiou noted.

“It’s a high position, I think she can do important work from other positions, she had the choice and we’ve come to a conclusion,” she added. The minister also highlighted that it was Aristotelous’ wish to not return to the central prison.

The former prison director had previously given a statement to the authorities in which she expressed fears for her safety.

This came after the legal service found no evidence of corruption against senior police officer Ioannis Katsounotos whom Aristotelous accused to having collided with an inmate to secure damaging footage of her and her deputy, Athena Demetriou.

Then, the complainant had requested to be transferred to the audit office.

“I respect the fact that Ms Aristotelous was saying what she was saying for her own reasons and I agree that she should have the choice that she wants to continue her career herself,” the justice minister said.

In January, the justice ministry appointed Famagusta police deputy chief Ioannis Kapnoullas as acting prison director. It said the replacement was necessary after the most senior officer of the prisons department, who was in charge while the director was on medical leave, also took sick leave.