Health Minister Popi Kanari on Friday said that greater efforts must be promoted to upgrade the national health scheme Gesy.

Speaking after a meeting with Edek leader Marinos Sizopoulos, Kanari called on stakeholders and political parties to cooperate in order to find solutions and draft laws that will improve the lives of all people in Cyprus.

“Meetings with party leaders and representatives is particularly beneficial as they form the basis for promoting common goals, with the aim to improve the healthcare services provided to the people of our country,” Kanari said.

She also said one of her goals is to correct the course of certain practices that have disrupted Gesy’s operation since its establishment.

“Gesy has been embraced by the Cypriot people, and we must make every possible effort to modernise and upgrade it, she said.

On his part, Sizopoulos said that the main goal for everyone is to maintain and strengthen the advantages offered by the health scheme and “fix the distortions constructive proposals.”

“The primary goal and philosophy of Gesy should be to enable patients to choose the best cure, whether with a particular doctor or a hospital or clinic of their choice.

“Every person needs to be able to receive high-quality care regardless of his or her financial situation. This is especially important for patients who do not have the economic means to quality health treatment through other means,” he added.

Finally, he reassured Kanari that Edek would come up with specific proposals to upgrade Gesy, which he called “the greatest ever social reform in Cyprus.”