Police arrested a 37-year-old man on Friday under suspicion of having stolen a car in the Limassol area.

According to police, they received an anonymous tip around 10:30am that the stolen vehicle was spotted in an area in Limassol.

Police said that the vehicle was in the Ayios Sylas area, where they found the vehicle and the 37-year-old suspect in the driver’s seat.

During their investigations, police found that the owners of the vehicle had reported it was stolen some time between May 15 and 26, from their home where it was parked.

Police said that the home was also broken into at the time the vehicle was stolen, and that the burglar had gotten into the home and taken the keys of the car, along with some silverware.

After finding the vehicle on Friday, police said that during their investigations in the vehicle, they found jewellery, which are being examined.

Police also found residue of a white crystal substance, believed to be meth, which is also being examined.

The man was arrested on burglary charges.

Police are continuing their investigation.