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Three million Cardano addresses in losses, investors turn to Tradecurve after 25% price spike


Millions of Cardano holders are worried about the future of the network and of the ADA cryptocurrency, as they have lost a lot of value since making their initial investments. While not every single holder of ADA was at a loss, this is a significant number of holders, and they are beginning to diversify as a result.

Investors are now eyeing other projects to recoup some of the losses experienced, and the hybrid exchange project Tradecurve has been getting a lot of attention as a result. 


The Cardano on-chain data worrying investors

Over 3 million Cardano addresses had experienced losses on their holdings of the ADA cryptocurrency when it reached a price of $0.378. According to the indicators, these losses represent 71.07% of the total addresses in the Cardano network.

Based on data gathered from IntoTheBlock’s Break Even Price indicator, 1.16 million addresses representing 26.47% of all Cardano addresses, are currently in profit. Additionally, 107.810 addresses, which represent 2.46% of all Cardano addresses, are at break even. A break-even price indicates that they are not losing or profiting. 

One noteworthy aspect of this price movement is that ADA holders are not the only investors who are experiencing losses on their cryptocurrency holdings, as a majority of altcoins are also far away from their peak prices. As of May 31, 2023, Cardano trades at $0.374307, and in the last 30 days, it saw a decrease of only 4%.

tradecurve2Tradecurve and its potential to spike in value and enable investors to recoup Their losses

Diversification is a strategy that many investors implement so that when one cryptocurrency experiences losses, another can make up for these losses by gaining a significant amount of value throughout a similar or shorter time frame, and the TCRV token has recently climbed by 25% in value, becoming a huge point of interest for many investors.

TCRV is the utility token used across the Tradecurve hybrid exchange, where, unlike other CEXs, users do not need to undergo a KYC procedure, and can simply deposit crypto, then use it as collateral when making trades. On top of Tradecurve, users can trade US and European equity CFDs, Forex, Indices, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, Options, ETFs, and Bonds, indicating that this is an all-in-one platform that provides a truly borderless experience for anyone and makes otherwise inaccessible asset classes, accessible to anyone globally.

Each Tradecurve user will get access to DeFi capabilities and will be able to utilize high leverage starting at 500;1, algorithmic trading with AI, a VIP account service, the Metaverse Trading Academy, Negative Balance protection, and more. 

The team will also introduce Proof of Reserves (PoR) to bolster the transparency of the platform. During Stage 3 of the presale, 1 TCRV token is worth $0.015, and the team has already sold 12,829,216 tokens. With this momentum and interest in the Tradecurve platform, analysts predict a climb of 100x in value by the end of 2023. At its next stage, its price will also increase to $0.018, so investors need to hurry and buy it before it spikes in value again.

Learn more about Tradecurve and the TCRV utility token at the links below:

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