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MVPS launches NVMe-based cloud computing services

mvps marks its 5th anniversary by launching cloud computing services with NVMe drives. The NVMe drives are up to 16 times faster than normal SSD drives and the I/O performance they offer is unparalleled.

Having NVMe-backed storage is a big performance boost to a VPS and it would translate into a much faster boot time, a faster database, a faster website loading speed and overall, a much faster server.

All the NVMe servers currently run on Intel Xeon Gold processors and Samsung 4th generation enterprise NVMe drives.

The NVMe servers are currently available in the following locations: Cyprus, Germany, Netherlands, France, and the United Kingdom.

In the next year, the NVMe offer will be expanded to our other locations, Spain, Greece, Sweden and Ireland.

Our plan is to only expand with NVMe servers in the future, as the technology has advanced sufficiently to leave the old SATA-based SSDs behind.

Launched in 2018, MVPS is a cloud computing company specialized in Virtual Private Servers (VPS) specifically targeted at European consumers and SMEs. Headquartered in Larnaca, Cyprus, the company provides cloud hosting services in 9 European locations including Cyprus, Greece, Spain and the United Kingdom.

MVPS prides itself on being a European company and its goal has always been to provide services in all the European countries and ensure our customers’ data is always hosted in Europe. This ensures our customers can be compliant with the GDPR and other privacy regulations which require the data to stay local.

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