Police in Limassol arrested three people aged 16, 19 and 21 on Tuesday for allegedly being involved in an incident that took place on May 30, when around 30 young individuals attacked two people after asking them what team they supported.

According to Limassol police spokesperson Lefteris Kyriacou, the attack took place near the Ayia Fyla school. The perpetrators were wearing hoodies of a particular team, with some holding baseball bats.
At some point during the night, the group spotted two other young people, aged 20 and 19, walking in the area and asked what team they supported.

After finding out that they were fans of another team, they attacked them and injured them. After the group left, the two victims went to the A&E department of Limassol general hospital to seek treatment for their injuries.

A similar incident took place a few hours later, this time outside a café in Yermasoyia, where again some young individuals were questioned by a group on what their preferred football team was. No injuries were reported in the second incident.

After questioning people who might have witnessed the scenes in Ayia Fyla and after examining closed-circuit surveillance footage, police identified the alleged perpetrators and arrested them on Tuesday.

After last week’s attack, police boosted police presence around the central police station in Limassol in preparation for demonstrations carried out by hooligans.