Speculations abound about what’s next for the MMO

World of Warcraft has been a fixture of MMORPGs since its release in 2004. Players worldwide experienced many adventures in Azeroth. They made friends (and enemies), lost them, reconnected, raided dungeons, and more. Even something as tedious as farming WoW gold was part of that experience.

After almost two decades, players wonder what’s next for this phenomenal MMO.

Is World of Warcraft ending?

A majority of players say no, WoW isn’t ending yet. However, they don’t have a hand in whether Activision-Blizzard will continue making expansions for WoW or not. The company went through various scandals and lawsuits, which hurt the development process. Also, the mass laying off of employees didn’t help matters.

Suppose Activision-Blizzard decides to pull the plug on WoW. In that case, players will have no choice but to accept the verdict and say goodbye to Azeroth. Still, from a business point ofview, the game is raking in cash, so the end of the game is far off.

For now, WoW will only end when the company decides it’s not worth spending money on.

What could the next expansions be about?

Lore-wise, there are still many things that can be expanded upon. While some won’t be enough for an expansion, here are some of the most popular speculations of the following add-on.

The Emerald Dream

For a long time, this has been something players have asked for. However, players never liked going to other dimensions (as evidenced by Shadowlands), and this is one big alternate universe. Plus, a lush forest expansion can get tedious without variety.

In Dragonflight, players were given glimpses into different versions of the Emerald Dream and provided more information about it. Still, mysteries surround it, inviting lore-seekers to learn more about it. Also, since the developers are tight-lipped, it leaves many opportunities for creative freedom.

Still, Activision-Blizzard must be careful they don’t make the same mistakes as they did in Shadowlands. If they botch another dimension-hopping expansion, they won’t be able to make another one for the MMO.

Void and/or Light Invasion on Azeroth

This has been foreshadowed by the roles Void and Light played in other expansions. As opposing ideas, they might soon bring their fight to Azeroth directly. Velen has seen it in a vision, and the thought makes for exciting lore.

Players have seen events influenced by these two realms. In Legion, they saw how Xe’ra attempted to bind and force her will on Illidan Stormrage, who was thought to be the child of Light and Shadow. At the end of Warlords of Draenor, players glimpse an alternate Draenor controlled by Yrel and her Light fanatics. She may be trapped, but who knows when a Dark Portal can open to free her?

There have also been various encounters with Old Gods. The Cataclysm, the Hour of Twilight, the Fourth War, and the recreation of the Black Empire all point to the constant threat of the Void. Though the lore states that the Old Gods are dead, their corrupting influence remains. Plus, Queen Azshara had gone on a journey to find the throne of the Void.

All the above looks like a setup for a world-dividing war in Azeroth. It can also change the game as we know it today.

The other side of Azeroth

The game has only ever shown events on one side of Azeroth, making the other a big mystery. In-universe, nobody has ever returned from going to the other side, except for one. Players have found a journal from patch 10.0.7 that says a pirate had returned from the other side. However, he refused to say anything about what he saw. It then describes his treasure-filled boat and the pirate attacking the Dragon Isles.

Though we don’t know if this is true in-universe, it invites ideas about what is possible on the other side of Azeroth. What could be the source of the treasure he found? Why wouldn’t he talk about it? Of course, the explanation could be something mundane, but speculation is always fun.

Let’s look forward to more adventures in Azeroth!

There are many other lore threads the developers can follow for expansions. Prophecies, plot holes, loose ends, and possibly returning characters can create exciting plotlines and stories. However, everything is speculation, and we don’t control how the developers decide to advance WoW’s story.

There’s still some time to enjoy Dragonflight, so we won’t know which of the above turns out correct. None of them may be, but hopefully, Activision-Blizzard will provide an add-on that will be engaging, enjoyable, and challenging. Of course, we’ll also be waiting for new items, WoW mounts, and all the cool stuff that comes with a new expansion.

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